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Artificial Intelligence

Created by humans, enhanced by A.I. 

The world is constantly evolving and we are trying to evolve with it, so you will soon be able to invest in Optimum Fund Enhanced Intelligence - a fund that is managed by artificial intelligence and human competence.

Artificial intelligence refers to technologies that can perform actions that usually require human intelligence. It was created to support people's abilities. The added value is in the combination between man and machine.

It helps us to faster:

  • analyse a huge amount of information
  • look for repetitive patterns and find preferences
  • make predictions
  • make concrete proposals

But you can still count on human control on our part as:

  • we control the quality of the information
  • in case of atypical situation we will be alerted
  • the experts change the model upon new information and adapt it to the new possibilities.

 The future is happening now!

If you want to learn more about Optimum Fund Enhanced Intelligence, you can find it in our Focus Strategies.

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