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Optimum Fund Enhanced Intelligence

A new era in investment management - the first mutual fund in Bulgaria, which is managed by artificial intelligence - a partnership between man and machine.


Optimum Fund Enhanced Intelligence uses market and economic data models to generate forecasts or predictions for the development of the financial markets and asset classes.

These data have been carefully selected by experts from KBC Asset Management NV. KBC Asset Management NV first determines which asset classes, regions, sectors and areas are suitable for investment. The models then uses different artificial intelligence techniques to determine on a daily basis the investment or distribution of the equity and bond components in the eligible regions, sectors and areas, based on the generated expectations or forecasts. Mood data can also be used to determine the content or distribution of a shareholder component. Examples of this are the moods in news articles or the number of publications related to a particular company.

The influence of the artificial intelligence on the investment of the bond component is more limited than on the filling of the equity component or the determination of the distribution between the asset classes (for more explanations see “specific strategy” in the information on this sub-fund in the prospectus).

In order to increase comfort for investors, the actions of artificial intelligence are monitored by people called administrators. However, observers ("administrators") can always choose not to follow the models or to follow them only partially. Human intervention is expected to occur only in exceptional circumstances. The shareholder component invests in a global share selection. The bond component invests in a global selection of bonds. The prospectus specifies the credit rating * that the bond component must meet (for further explanation, see “Investment data” of the information related to this sub-fund in the prospectus). With regard to both components, all regions, sectors and areas are taken into account (analysed).


NAV per unit For date: 30.09.2022
по-отбранителен по-динамичен

Fund Type:  Balanced fund
ISIN код:


Management company: KBC Asset Management NV
Depository bank: KBC Bank NV
Distributor: UBB AD
Initial offering start date: 30.11.2020 г.
Currency: Euro



Issuance fee: 1.50%
Redemption fee up to a 1-month holding period: 5%
Redemption fee after a 1-month holding period: няма
Annual distribution fee: 0.938%
Annual management fee: 0.402%
Other annual fees: 0.500%


*IMPORTANT! The value of the shares and the return from them may decrease, profits are not guaranteed and there is a risk for the investors of not recovering the full amount of the invested funds.

You can get acquainted with a detailed description of the goals and investment policy of Optimum Fund Enhanced Intelligence in the " Key investor information document " in Bulgarian.

The information provided in this document does not constitute advice or recommendation for investing in financial instruments and should not be interpret as such. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to restore the full amount invested. It is recommended for investors to become carefully acquainted with the nature of the financial instruments and to determine their investment goals and their willingness to take risks before making an investment decision. Additional information about the risks can be found at the bank's branches or here. https://www.ubb.bg/business-clients/business-treasury/business-mifid

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