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KBC ExpertEase Dynamic Tolerant


KBC ExpertEase Dynamic Tolerant - a sub-fund of KBC Horizon, strives to achieve the highest possible return by investing the raised funds in accordance with the investment policy of KBC Asset Management NV. The fund invests directly or indirectly in various asset classes, such as shares and/or equity-related investments (“equity share”), bonds and/or bond-related investments (“bond share”), money market instruments, cash and cash equivalents and/or alternative investments (including real estate as well as financial instruments related to commodity market price movements).

The target distribution of assets is 55% for the equity share and 45% for the bond share. The target allocation may have a significant deviation in accordance with the investment policy of KBC Asset Management NV, as illustrated below. Therefore, the fund may invest a significant portion of its assets in asset classes that are not included in the target allocation (such as money market instruments and cash). The equity share can increase up to a maximum of 70% of the fund.

When applying the investment policy of KBC Asset Management NV, an analysis of the financial and economic development and the prospects for specific regions, sectors and spheres is made. If financial market conditions are uncertain, volatile, or both, part of the portfolio may also be converted to lower-risk investments (such as money market instruments and cash). If the equity share is performing better than the bond share or vice versa, managers are likely to use part of the portfolio to purchase additional assets of the best performing class between these two classes and to sell assets of the class with the worst results.

Managers pay one and a half times more attention to reducing risk than to the potential for increased investment. The more attention is paid to risk reduction, the larger part of the portfolio in uncertain and/or volatile market conditions can be converted into lower risk investments, such as cash and money market instruments.

The portfolio is composed mainly of funds managed by a company from the KBC group, based on criteria such as transparency of the investment policy of these funds and whether their strategy is in line with the investment strategy of this fund. 

по-отбранителен по-динамичен

Fund type Balanced fund
Fund rating 4, based on a scale from 1 (low risk) up to 7 (high risk)
Risk/Return Indicator 4, based on the scale from 1 (lower risk and potentially lower return) up to 7 (higher risk and potentially higher return)
A value of 4 reflects the market sensitivity of the different assets, in which the fund invests. Therefore, the indicator is between those for typical bond-type funds (3) and the typical equity-type funds (6)
Legal form Sub-fund of the Belgian Bevek Horizon fund
Currency Euro
Initial subscription price Capitalized and allocated shares of EUR 1 000 each
Initial offerring date 2 January 2019
Maturity No
Net asset value Use this link and fill-in BE6307324937 in the field “Name ISIN”, so that you can check the current net asset value as of the last date of publishing, as well as detailed information in English for the respective fund.  
Liquidity and availability Daily
Custody Custody is free of charge for units of the sub-fund that are held in a deposit account with a KBC Group company.
Minimum investment value EUR 100
Tax-reporting and taxation Ownership of units in KBC ExpertEase Dynamic Tolerant fund is subject to reporting in the Annual Tax Return under Art. 50 of the Natural Persons' Income Tax Act, as the profit is not taxable.


Issuance fee 1.5%
Redemption fee up to a 1-month holding period 5%
Redemption fee after a 1-month holding period None
Annual distribution fee 1.113%
Annual management fee 0.477%
Other annual fees 0.690%


NB! The information provided does not constitute investment consultation, advice, investment research or investment recommendation and should not be construed as such. The value of units of collective investment schemes varies over time and may be higher or lower than the value at the time of investment. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk risk that investors might not recover the full amount of their investment. It is advisable for investors to get acquainted with the specifics of the financial instruments in which they wish to invest, and to evaluate how appropriate the latter are to meet their investment goals and risk aversion before making an investment decision. Investments in collective investment schemes are not guaranteed by a government-created guarantee fund or any other type of guarantee. Full information regarding investment opprotunities and advice on the most suitable for you mutual funds, can be obtained in UBB branches.

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