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UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant


The subfund is global mixed ‘balanced’ investment subfund of UBB ExpertEase Contractual Umbrella Fund, which is a replenishing collective investment scheme pursuant to Article. 67 of the Collective Investment Schemes and Other Undertakings for Collective Investments Act (CISOUCIA). The subfund is a replenishing subfund and invests at least 85% of their assets in Institutional F shares BG class, denominated in euro, of main subfund Horizon KBC ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant, which is an investment unit of Horizon N.V, an investment company of an open type, existing under the legislation in Belgium, with headquarters and registered address: Havenlaan 2, В1080, Brussels, Belgium, and managed by KBC Asset Management N.V. The investment goal of the subfund is to invest at least 85% of its assets in the main subfund and up to 15% of its assets in cash and derivatives. The investment goal of the main subfund is to generate as high as possible return for its shareholders in compliance to its investment policy. This is reflected in its pursuit to generation of capital gains and revenues. To this effect, the assets of the main subfund are invested mainly, directly or indirectly, through related financial instruments, in bonds.

The main subfund invests directly or indirectly in different classes of assets, such as shares and/or investments, related to shares (component of shares), bonds and/or investments, related to bonds (components of bonds), cash-market instruments (CMI), cash and cash equivalents and/or alternative investments (including indirect investments in real estate and financial instruments that are related to the movement of prices at commodity markets). The target distribution of assets of the main subfund is 30% for the component of shares and 70% for the component of bonds. This distribution may be significantly changes and in this connection the main subfund may invest a significant part of the assets in classes of assets that are not included in the target distribution (as CMI and cash). The component of shares may amount to max. 45% of the assets of the main subfund.

The managers of the main subfund pay one and half times more attention to the risk of decreasing that the growth potential, due to which the part of the portfolio which may be invested in assets of lower level of risk, as cash and CMI, in a situation of insecure and/or volatile markets, may be between 5% and 40% of all assets.

NAV per unit For date: 03.10.2022
по-отбранителен по-динамичен

Fund Type: Sub-fund of UBB ExpertEase
ISIN код:


Management company: KBC Asset Management NV
Depository bank: KBC Bank NV
Distributor: UBB AD
Start of subscription: 04.04.2022 
Currency: BGN



Issuance fee: 1.5%
Redemption fee up to a 1-month holding period: 5%
Redemption fee after a 1-month holding period: No
Annual distribution fee: 0.80%
Annual management fee: 0.34%
**Other annual fees: 1.07%


*IMPORTANT! The value of the shares and the return from them may decrease, profits are not guaranteed and there is a risk for the investors of not recovering the full amount of the invested funds.

You can get acquainted with a detailed description of the goals and investment policy of UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant in the " Key investor information document " in Bulgarian.

The information provided in this document does not constitute advice or recommendation for investing in financial instruments and should not be interpret as such. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to restore the full amount invested. It is recommended for investors to become carefully acquainted with the nature of the financial instruments and to determine their investment goals and their willingness to take risks before making an investment decision. Additional information about the risks can be found at the bank's branches or here. https://www.ubb.bg/business-clients/business-treasury/business-mifid

** IMPORTANT! The calculation of "other charges on an annual basis" includes costs of both the feeder and the master fund, specified and published in their prospectuses and calculated based on costs estimation for 1 year.

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