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Philosophy focused entirely on the customer!

Feeling confident about your investment is as important as your return. For a long time it was said that the investors make a rational compromise between the average returns and the volatility. Higher returns were associated with higher volatility.

People do not accept gains and losses in the same way. This is the reason why we are increasingly focusing on the emotional aspect of investing and on the personalized description of investors. This inspired us to offer an innovative approach to investment and clients. We called this new approach CoZI.

What is CoZI?

• 'CoZI' means 'Comfort Zone Investing'

• The comfort zone is determined by the potential profit opportunities, the risk of decline and the time horizon

• The client's behaviour is included in his profile, which results in an investment strategy created personally for him

• All changes to the portfolio are done faster because they are based on the Investor’s Comfort Zone

• There is a corresponding portfolio for the investor's profile

Comfort Zone Investing (CoZI) extends the conventional approach as it includes aspects related to the emotional side of investing. During a personal meeting with an investment advisor, the client and the advisor jointly determine the type of investor, his risk profile and his tolerance to losses, his goals and expectations. Once this is done, the investment decision is managed by financial professionals who closely monitor market fluctuations and respond adequately to keep the investment within the parameters of the profile.

On June 20, 2019, KBC Group announced the establishment of a branch of KBC Asset Management in Bulgaria and at the same time launched an innovative investment product: ExpertEase funds. The newly established branch will support the sales of funds created by the product units of KBC Asset Management, as well as UBB Asset Management, and will use the branch network of UBB and DZI as a distribution channel. The purpose of the ExpertEase funds is to combine the client's comfort zone with a specific investment solution, using the philosophy "Comfort Zone Investing" (CoZI).

The inclusion of behavioural parameters in investment decisions creates trust and confidence for the investor that they remains in their comfort zone with the help of techniques and expertise provided by the fund managers of KBC Asset Management.

The approach to investment as an emotional, not just a rational solution, gives a new experience to clients and provides quality that exceeds traditional investment practice. With CoZI you get a solution that is personalized and meets your emotional needs.

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