What is SIP

Systematic Investment Plan - SIP
  The program includes savings plans whereby savers can earn a minimum amount of money to make a dream trip, purchase, provide children's education, or provide additional help after retirement age and with a variety of other goals.

Systematic Investment Plan - SIP
The Systemic Investment Plan is targeted at people who are unable to save or invest large sums, but would like to spend money to achieve a certain goal. The proposed savings plans provide a great choice for the saver to make a decision according to his goals.

Benefits of Savings Plans of the Systemic Investment Plan
You save unnecessarily small amounts without dealing with calculating different types of schemes and wasting time in visits offices - need only one visit.
You save with small monthly amounts, while at the same time you can achieve profitability from the accumulated investment.
You could get higher returns than using traditional savings products.
You do not pay taxes on earned income from your investments.
You can pay your monthly installment at a specified date within the month.
Schedule and monthly installments are minimal and recommended. After the minimum plan expires, savers can continue their savings - there are no time limits and amounts.

You decide: when, how, how much and for how long...