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Investment for everyone

Plan how with minimum monthly installments to earn the desired amount, needed for a dream trip, a purchase, your children's education or as additional financial aid for your retirement.

What is SIP?

What is SIP?

The program includes savings plans through which, with minimal monthly deposits, savers can achieve the desired amount to realize a dream trip, purchase, provide education for children or additional assistance after retirement age, and various other goals.

Who is it suitable for?

The Systematic Investment Plan is aimed at people who do not have the opportunity to save or invest large amounts, but would like to set aside funds to achieve a certain goal. It allows regular investment in a mutual fund of the client's choice.The proposed savings plans provide you with the opportunity to make a decision according to your wishes.

How do I make a SIP?

Download our mobile application and create your Systematic Investment Plan entirely through it. And then you have the opportunity to track your investment anywhere, anytime.


  • Opportunity for higher returns than traditional savings products.
  • Save regularly and seamlessly with small amounts without wasting time in office visits (create your plan entirely through the mobile app)
  • You save with small monthly deposits, and at the same time you could achieve a return on the accumulated investment.
  • You do not pay taxes on the income from your investments.
  • You decide when, how, how much and for what period to invest.
  • You can deposit additional amounts when you have this opportunity.
  • You have the funds and the accumulated returns at all times.
  • You set the date of payment of your monthly deposit and you can change it.

*The terms of the plans and the monthly deposits are minimal and recommended. After the expiration of the minimum term of the plan, the savers can continue their savings - there are no restrictions such as term and amounts.


Systematic investment is offered only to individuals;

The client or his proxy has identified himself before the UBB employee;

The client has an open account in BGN with UBB AD;

A Systematic Investment Agreement is concluded for transactions with shares of collective investment schemes UBB Premium Equity, UBB Balanced Fund, UBB Platinum Bonds, UBB Patrimonium Land, UBB Global Farm Invest, UBB Global Child Fund, UBB Global Growth and UBB Global Dividend.


Systematic investment plan is offered for the following mutual funds. You can simultaneously participate in an unlimited number of savings plans.

Mutual fund Minimum amount
UBB ExpertEase Defensive Balanced BGN/EUR 10
UBB ExpertEase Defensive Tolerant BGN/EUR 10
UBB ExpertEase Dynamic Balanced BGN/EUR 10
UBB ExpertEase Dynamic Tolerant BGN/EUR 10
UBB ExpertEase Highly Dynamic Tolerant BGN/EUR 10
UBB Platinum Bulgaria  BGN 20
KBC ExpertEase Defensive Balanced No minimum required
KBC ExpertEase Defensive Tolerant  No minimum required
KBC ExpertEase Dynamic Balanced  No minimum required
KBC ExpertEase Dynamic Tolerant No minimum required
KBC ExpertEase Highly Dynamic Tolerant No minimum required

NB! The value of the shares and the income from them may decrease, profit is not guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to recover the full amount of their initial investment.

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